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No racist or hate related posts.

No torrent requests, links to torrents or links to other file sharing type sites.

No warez links of sites that refer them.

No direct download links. Rapidshare, Megaupload and the like.

No spam, repeated posting, Free iPod, online poker or make money quick shit.

No requests for CD key/keygens/passwords/patch/serials.

No flaming.

No hacking discussions, this includes any discussion in respect to circumvention of electronic copy/system protection.

No Mod Chip discussions.

No links to porn/porn sites.

Members' Burfdays last until they have seen and have participated in their personal Burfday Thread, or until a mod or admin declares otherwise.

For arguing, please use our PM system, a pub, or some other forum. We don't take sides, so it doesn't really matter who's right or who started it - if somebody is being offensive, ignore him / her / it, report it to one of the mods and let them handle it. Thank you.

New Rules addition- Starting today- January 14, 2009
No trashing of other sites or forums in any way, do not bring issues from other sites here, and no bashing of other site's Moderators. If there is a issue between you and anyone at another site, whether member or Moderator, that issue remains there. This rule is also connected to the one above- no public arguing - we do not take sides.
New Rules addition- Starting today- October 16, 2009
Please refrain from all off topic chatter and unhelpful comments in the help boards. It is unproductive for the forum and not pleasant for the one that is seeking help.
Off-topic posts and threadjacking has always been a normal here. That is still the acceptable norm in all areas with the sole exception of the help boards.

Featuring our main rule "Be nice or else": just because another rule isn't here that doesn't mean that it does not exist...