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OMG the TT is great and the best bike race in the world.  Infact it's too painful to watch sometimes between the drooling and waiting for the adverts too finish.

Having been once and it's a 'beautiful thing baby' it's one of those events that you really love to think about and watch. Shivers. :)

This year Martins custom decals and old retro look are stunning....silver!

Have been meaning to do my bike silver with my all black leathers......winter perhaps. oh yeh. So disapointed about Guiness but superstock and senior too come...........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well this years superbike race was great.....with loads of action and close encounter's of the Dunlop kind...hehehehe...even the new regs in the pits, new road surface here and there and still record speeds too come.

Not exactly a race in the conventional sense.
  A race against yourself,which is equally as cool.  ;D

Yeh so much planning, building and fun the TT really delivers a form of motorsport in a way the normal biker can feel; a race to do it. It's true the open mountain section is for me the best place to spectate.

It's perhaps, agreed Gee the purest form of racing, pure competitivity (the best) where averages, distance and your own self belief ride on such a road race course. To beat the clock it attracts ALL. Even those that dont like to race their own shadows.

I concur mate.  :)

I am not familiar with it myself, but it does sound interesting.  :)


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