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Ytx 14 bs 200cca


freedomflight: had too look .....hehehe

For those of us with a need to ride . I've been suffering from a bad ampage in my v-twin so getting a new battery, 200amp at the crank. Oh yes she'll fire up a treat!

Had a standard 100amp in and it's just no good sick of it. So getting a higher current will fire up to a sweeter tune.

Can you repeat that in English please?  ;D

hehe. it's motorcyle-ese. he's getting a stronger battery for quicker, smoother starts (right?)

So he can win the takeoff from the traffic lights. ;D ;D

...sorry gee but it's tricky fitting the batteries in these days. The cold cranking amphere's is a real pain sometimes; not like you car owners. Not being able to handle the Mille's high-drain starting, and that leading to dash-resetting due to this factor. It's all about holding charge and not dropping below a threshold. My beast has a high end threshold below 95% on the battery and it say's new now.

I seem to be needing a battery every's not the volts but the amps that count...hehehehe. Will get another tomorrow it's 50 pounds as they all are!

Electrics are the weakness on bikes in wet cold climates.


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