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I need (2) float vavles for a 1986 yahama viragro xv1100

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I have been working on my brothers bike and fould it had both of the above items broke...... One totaly lost its rubber cab and was blocked. And the other was on its way and I refused to have any part of putting even the marginal one back in. He was quouted near to 100 USD for the pair new.... and that without the kit.



I'm not sure where you are DDG, but if you're stateside are these any good to you?

I don't get why people go cheap on auto parts. I get that the parts are always way more expensive than they should be, but I just don't understand cutting corners when you're taking your life in your hands while driving.

Pattern parts are fine for a lot of things, and even the car/bike manufacturers rarely use the top of the range stuff in production.  When you buy a bike off the shelf, you generally spent another few K on better brake discs, pads, exhaust system, suspension etc, none of which will be made by the vehicle manufacturer in question.

As a rule of thumb, it would cost you 4 to 5 times as much to build a bike out of component parts, as it would to buy the damn thing from a showroom. Something not right there IMO.

Cell phones are heavily subsidized by carriers in hope that you'll lock in with them, perhaps vehicles are treated the same?


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