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I need (2) float vavles for a 1986 yahama viragro xv1100

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i think, but I'm not sure, that Sailor is in New Jersey. i know he is in the U.S. for sure.


Yep Im in NJ in a quaint lil seaside village called highlands.

We found two places that had the parts. One being oem and the other not... We ordered the later sets as they included the valve seat and the ring seal.

The Oem was just the float valve (1 for 22$)

The non Oem was the entire valve asembly (1 set for 18)

At leat 2 weeks I expect... seems they have to order them from the factory.

I am so ready to get this iron lady back on the road for Bro... and the None oem seemed a good compromise.


Good deal. Hope it works and you get here up and running again.  :)

'Attaboy' points to Sailor for fixing the bike!!!!!! Too many people would feel it wasn't their problem.

Well? Did you get her fixed yet?


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