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15,000 crocodiles escape (Read 731 times)

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15,000 crocodiles escape
15,000 crocodiles escape from South African farm with one discovered wandering into a school

Locals have been warned to stay indoors after 15,000 fearsome Nile crocodiles escaped from a crocodile farm in north east South Africa.

The huge group of fearsome crocs escaped from Rakwena Crocodile Farm on Sunday after abnormally heavy rains caused the nearby Limpopo river to rise.

The farm's owners were forced to open the reptiles' permeable pens in order to allow the rising flood water to drain away before it crushed the normally secure structure.

The reptiles have since been spotted all over the local area - including in a school.

As the flood waters fell, many have been found trapped in the branches of trees. But at least one has been spotted on a nearby school's waterlogged rugby field.

Animal safety experts have warned local people to remain indoors and not to approach the reptiles.
Rakwena's Zane Langman told South Africa's Afrikaans language Beeld newspaper that he recaptures the animals whenever he is alerted to one.

He said he had already caught 'a few thousand' in the dense bush and orange groves next to his farm, but he told the newspaper that 'more than half' of his reptiles are still missing.

Mr Langman said he prefers to catch the reptiles at night, as their eyes reflect red in torchlight and they are therefore easier to find.

Nile Crocodiles are meat eating and can grow to up to five metres long. They can run at up to eight miles an hour and swim at up to 22 mph.

They are extremely dangerous to humans. Their preferred method of killing is to grab an animal in their enormous jaws then drag it, alive, underwater to drown it.

Bloody hell pleased I do not live around there