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A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here. (Read 1157 times)

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A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here.

                                                                                                                  The Old Man and The Sea

I am old and life has become hard. Most of the people I knew either gone or just gone away.

One thing I have always wanted to do was sail from California to Australia. My Boat "Lady fair" was old like myself but I think in a bit better shape.
So I fueled and provisioned her.

The weather was fair and the Lady was cutting through the sea in a way that was not unpleasing to this old sailor and this gave me a lot of time to
think and to remember.... perhaps too much.

In my younger days I have traveled over perhaps almost half the world , while I was in the navy.  I have always been drawn to the sea and it seemed right to be here.

After the third day the engine packed it in. I couldnt do anything with it , but I did still have sails. I set the sails and maintained a base course of 270 degree's. With a bit
of luck I should hit Hawaii in a few weeks and I could get the lady fixxed and continue on my journey.

The sails are drawing well.  I set the mailsail and the jib and the wind seems to be in my favor. The sky was blue and broken with large fluffy white clouds.

Smooth sailing it seemed but then the sky began to grow dark and I knew I was in for a blow. And it wasnt long before I and the good Ship "Lady Fair" were in a full gale.
I cranked down the main sail and left the jib set and using the tiller to keep the ship just abaft of the waves. If the ship was caught in the trough she would likely capsize,

Hours , that seemed like days slowly passed and the sky was once again blue. After resetting the mainsail I went below for a cup of char. Finding that we had shipped a lot of water.
 I turned on the bilge pump but it diddnt seem to help as the level of the water continued to rise.

"Mayday , Mayday.... this is Fair lady and we are taking on water.... all stations SOS"

I repeated several time and then the radio and the lights went dark. Nothing I could do as the batteries must be under water. The Lady is slowing sinking below my feet. 
I grabbed such provisions and water as I could and tossed them in the dory I had been towwing after.

"Dear lord , I have been so lonely
 and if this is my time please take me to you.
 It hasnt been easy Lord....
 its just not right for a parent to outlive his children
 and I have been alone so long and so lonely."

The water was rising even higher as I made my way to the dory and after climbing in untied the dory to watch the lady sail on like some flying dutchman.
After a time I could see the tips of her sails and then not even that.

Now I am so lost and alone and I could only hope that someone had heard my SoS and help would be on the way.

3 days later provisions and water gone and I begine to make my peace. To the starboard side I see only see and clouds and on the port side I see.... no it cant be!

A low sleek gray painted hull with the number 2 upforward,

Using my hands I paddled to the destroyer that was awaiting me , that had been my home for several years. I took hold of the boarding net and as I started ti rise I could here the tolling of a bell.

Ding ding (pause)  Ding Ding.

But of the crew there is no trace. The engine started and soon the ship was proceding at a fair clip and my dory quickly fell astern.                                     

I made my way to the bridge and like what I have seen so far of the ship it was as devoid of crew like the rest of the ship.

I had left DDG2 , Charles F. Adams so many years ago.... but now I found myself aboard her.

I began to feel sleepy sleepy and as I slipped to the deck I thanked the lord for at last taking me home.

After a time I knew no more.

The end
About my new pic , rather my old pic :)

I was about 23 in this one and the 2 children were an old shipsmates.

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Re: A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here.
A very moving story and very well written............thank you.

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Re: A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here.

Nice to see you back Robert :)

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Re: A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here.
you sure haven't lost your writing talent Robert, excellent work, welcome back  :)

Re: A short story I wrote but not sure I posted here.
thanks for the story sailor