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finally got a decent paint gun to repaint this car.

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Ok So I got this car last September on a partial trade for a car I sold.
I did the body work, the mechanical work. I think I am just about done when I start seeing things that are odd. So I spend 3-4 weeks sanding down the entire car.
I find 5 coats of primer, paint and clear on the drivers side only, buried accent stripes and just some shitty body work.
I finally get a new paint gun and paint and decide to try it out...
Here is the hood that I painted just today... I will try to get the rest of the car sometime this weekend or early next week now that I know the gun will work good.

This color has just a little more brown in it than the factory one but will look fine with the jambs and whatnot I think. It has to look better than the primer mess that it is now... :P ;D

looks pretty damn good there Boosted


--- Quote from: harley on September 19, 2009, 06:09:24 PM ---looks pretty damn good there Boosted

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Thanks, I am not complaining.
I was going for at least factory type and I got that, so I am happy.

The sale of this car will get me that much closer to building a proper garage. I am hoping this one and one more will get me there, but somehow I think a third one will be needed.

Well, seeing as how you live
--- Quote ---in the middle of nowhere
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and the economy being what it is ( or isn't depending upon your point of view ), I would say......probably true

Wow!! Flippin' beautiful, boosted. Looks pearle. How many coats is that?


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