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Do I really need a windshield :P

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Yup, well 'do do occurs' and now I have a broken windshield. It is just at eye level on the passenger side and covers an area of about 8" X 10". It looks rather like a spiderweb with a big fat spider sitting in the middle of it. Now what?

After doing some reading and talking to a few of my guy/friends I've decided my course of action. My reading convinced me to not do the replacement myself, my guy/friends are of the opposite opinion. But I gotta go with what I have learned. I still have to figure out the money end of it.

What have I learned? First, windshields are constructed to break easily on impact, whether it be someones' head or their feet  ::). Second, they also break easily from pressure. Third, they aren't cheap. I've always done things myself. If I didn't know how, I learned. But now there is no wiggle room in my budget and if I make a mistake I will end up having to replace the replacement windshield. So I'm going to pass on it this time, I'll just watch. ;D. Now, however, I'm stranded without transportation. But since I can't drive it till the glass is replaced, I've decided to replace the speakers and maybe the carpet, little tasks I've put off I can do that costs nothing as I already have the stuff.

Theres a cheap temp fix which will stop it shattering while you are driving... clear plastic sheet.. make sure to do both sides and at least 3 inches more than the area of the damage. As it's on the not drivers side it's ok for a week or 2.. XD

PP - emergency "get you home" repairs..

 ;) Thanks for the tip, JD. That is a new one to me. I hope to be able to just leave it parked till I can have it done, I just don't like not being totally legal when I'm driving. The local police being only one of the reasons.  I do like having no issues to worry about. Then too, I have a kid who learns from what he sees. However :D I do have a window in my garage that has a long crack, so methinks I'm going to give your idea a try on it.

Also, if you do buy a new one, when you call about a replacement quote inform them that it is not an insurance claim. Most time it takes off $100 or more.
When you inform them it is not insurance paying for it, but just you the prices become very reasonable.
The one for that '01 Prizm went from 270 to 140.


--- Quote from: knownassociate on September 20, 2009, 02:15:23 AM ---I've decided to replace the speakers and maybe the carpet,..
--- End quote ---
I wouldn't bother with the carpet until after the screen is replace, because if it shatters, then the glass gets everywhere, no matter how much you cover-up.

Does windscreen cover not come supplied as standard (with no loss of NCD) in Canada?


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